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Top contemporary dresses for women Top contemporary dresses for women

Top contemporary dresses for women

Fashion for women is made up of numerous styles and myriad combinations suitable for diverse needs, seasons and occasions. Business wear and various party wear in our previous article exposed the choice women have in fashion. Here, we’ll go much deeper into detail uncovering the latest fashion trends and top dresses for women.

Each of these styles of dresses carries a sophisticated charm with well-defined features, perfect for the modern woman. The top dresses for women discussed herein are not concentrated for a specific purpose. It’s a combination of dresses that reflect contemporary styles and fashion trends followed by women in the current world.

Oversized Victorian sleeves
The style trend of the 18th century makes a grand comeback. The oversized shape gives the impression of a slimmer waist with feminine touches. Soft colors and black or grey are great shades to choose from. You can pull off a vintage puff-sleeved look in this vintage dress.

Maxi faux leather coats
There’s nothing more fashionable to keep you warm during the cold months other than donning a faux leather coat. Get the sleek and funky look with an androgynous twist with this long-flowing piece. Wearing a bold color or an all-black peps things up. This 90s staple dress piece is upgraded to give a modern finish.

Faux leather jumpsuits and boiler suits
Add a dash of versatility with an edgy look with this stunning fashion trend that works as a complete outfit from a single garment. Colorful ones are perfect for any event. Wear all-black and get the biker-chic look. You can add a belt bag and stylish boots to complete a powerful look.

Matching printed tTops and stockings
Pair your tops and stockings or make a distinct style statement with shades of print in this outfit. The sleek outlook they create streamlining your personality with a single color is one of the top dresses for women. It makes for a consistent style option.

Fluorescent turtlenecks
Going neon is the best bet of current fashion trends to keep you warm and super-stylish in winter months. Capture attention for the right reasons with this zesty twist of fashion. It’s an attire to make a real statement and goes with any skin tone.

Oversized shoulder pads jackets
Styles from the 80s are making a comeback, and it’s all for the right reasons. Give off an impression of a slimmer waist with this oversized shoulder pad blazer without efforts. It’s a multi-purpose fashion attire perfect for office, brunch gathering or even to go shopping. Combining it with cigarette trousers, jeans or an elegant skirt leaves you with myriad style options.

Bike shorts with blazers
The top dresses for women aren’t complete without this trendy combination that is striking and chic. The sportswear and tailoring combination is great to wear when you want to hit the streets or enjoy a Sunday brunch with friends. The savvy outfit is the latest choice to make a powerful yet casual style in an unassuming way.

Who said black is not sexy? Embrace your dark side and showoff the dark and moody vibe with a chic twist.