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About Us

The team at 99news247.com knows just how stressful life can be. We’re a self-admitted group of overthinkers and over-comitters who worry way too much about things that don’t actually matter. Plus, we put way too little onus on self care, which is exactly why we started this website.  

We’re just like you in that we’re just human. We identify with so many of the struggles that you face each and everyday when it comes to caring about your health, social life, family, pets, and shopping habits. Instead of continuing to put undue pressure on ourselves, we’ve decided to work towards making life more positive, stress-free, loving, and happy. That starts with focusing on what matters most in life—our loved ones (both 2- and 4-legged), our health and wellness, our ability to feel beautiful both inside and out, our ability to make conscious decisions when it comes to how we spend our time and what we buy.  

The articles you’ll find here prioritize self-care, physical and mental well-being, taking time to relax, and ignoring that perfect inside us all that get in the way of our goals. So join the 99news247.com community as we strive to lead to focus on what makes us healthier, happier human beings. 


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