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Safety myths about motorcycles Safety myths about motorcycles

Safety myths about motorcycles

Most often riders feel overconfident about their riding skills, this often leads them into trouble. Many of them fail to follow safety rules and ignore safety measures, which gets them into trouble. Most accidents recorded are due to ignorance and speeding. If you are deciding on being a part of a rider’s group, ensure you follow all safety rules to keep yourself away from accidents and other problems. Here are a few safety myths about motorcycles that riders ignore often.

A small alcoholic drink before riding shouldn’t be a problem
Many accidents are recorded due to alcohol consumption while riding or driving. Ensure you do not consume alcohol before your ride as your body won’t be stable enough to handle accidents. This will lead to many injuries and a lifetime regret. If you really need to drink, make sure you wait till your alcohol is completely flushed out from your body.

Loud pipes are life savers
A loud noise caused by exhaust pipes annoys many people and also crashes more frequently when compared to stock pipes. Riders often feel that having loud pipes fixed to their bikes gets more visibility. However, this is one of the top safety myths concerning motorcycles. Many people get annoyed by the loud noise and feel distracted while driving. Loud pipes could annoy them further. Hence, it is advisable to choose bright jackets or helmets to get more visibility.

Big bikes make a beginner feel more comfortable
This isn’t true. Beginners should opt for smaller bikes first to avoid major accidents. Smaller bikes are easy to handle as they weigh less and are more convenient in making tricky turns and controlling over speed. Once you get comfortable with the riding techniques, you can gradually upgrade your bike to a sophisticated model.

Conventional brakes are safer than an anti-lock brake
An anti-lock braking system (ABS) is more reliable when compared to conventional brakes. Numerous test are done by professional riders to prove this point. ABS makes riding easier as it has the ability to halt at a shorter distance and avoid major accidents. ABS is designed to reduce brake pressure automatically when a lockup occurs and increases itself once traction is restored. Accidents are very unpredictable, and the injuries caused by it could be life threating. So, always get verified and certified brakes installed for safer breaking experience.

You can escape the police if you’re on a bike
Most people believe that bikes are smaller than cars and trucks and can be easily escaped from the cops’ radar. This is a myth that you should completely ignore. Radar devices are designed to monitor the speed of baseball-sized objects too. So, an overspeeding motorbike can be monitored quite conveniently. Also, beware of speeding as the present police lasers are designed with more sophisticated techniques that can detect the accurate speed of a flying insect.