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SUVs and crossovers: Know the differences SUVs and crossovers: Know the differences

SUVs and crossovers: Know the differences

Both SUVs and crossovers are more preferred when compared to traditional passenger cars today. It has been estimated that over 100 models by next year. You might have heard the terms SUV and crossover being used interchangeably but these two are different in many ways. The confusing part is that the two types of vehicles might seem quite similar when you first see them. But, these are different, and if you inspect carefully, then the differences become apparent. This is why in the following some of the major differences between SUVs and crossovers have been discussed so as to help you pick the one that is more suitable as per your requirements.

One of the major differences between SUVs and crossovers is in how they are built. The SUV parts are built separately and then attached together at the end. The body-on-frame design is used when an SUV is being constructed. In an SUV, the underbody is constructed and then the main vehicle part is made separately. These two are then attached together to finally make a complete SUV. The crossover vehicle is built on a unibody frame which means the parts are built together as one instead of separately. Each of these has its own set of advantages and disadvantages making them ideal in different situations.

You should choose an SUV if you want better driving abilities when compared to conventional passenger cars. You can expect spacious interiors in SUVs as well. SUVs have impressive towing capabilities too which makes them excellent if you want to haul a trailer. Today, many SUVs offer spacious seats so you can easily take your entire family with you. There are several safety features available in SUVs which makes them a great choice as well. But, remember that SUVs are heavy and the driving could be hampered because of that. SUVs have poor fuel economy as well which could not be good news for many.

A crossover is easier to park and to drive as compared to passenger cars. Easy handling is another bonus. Some crossovers are even at par with sports cars which provide the ability to easily maneuver it. A crossover consists of spacious cabins and can hold a lot of stuff. A crossover provides better traction and you can add things to it for better functionality.

With the major differences between SUVs and crossovers, you can now make an informed decision about which one you are going to choose. If you don’t want to invest in a brand new truck, then choosing a pre-owned option is a great way to try the preferred vehicle without hurting your pocket in one go. SUVs and crossovers have their own advantages and disadvantages which is why weighing the pros and cons are important to make a final decision.



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