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Top electric and hybrid cars in 2020 Top electric and hybrid cars in 2020

Top electric and hybrid cars in 2020

The global automobile industry is introducing new-gen technological concepts in the manufacturing process to address the growing concerns of the environment. Following a study, the automotive world is ready to launch some of the top electric and hybrid cars in 2020 that will set the platform for further developments.

The world’s leading automobile industries have taken the plunge to produce eco-friendly cars. On one hand, they have come up with hybrid cars that combine conventional combustion engine systems with an electric propulsion mechanism. These cars give better fuel economy and better performance over other conventional cars.

On the other hand, auto industries have also come up with electric cars. These cars are completely non-polluting and zero-emission vehicles. Let’s take a look at some of the top electric and hybrid cars of 2020.

Hyundai KONA Electric
KONA Electric draws inspiration from 2019’s gas-powered model. As per EPA’s estimation, the robust electric system gives a mileage of about 258 miles on a single charge. The styling is unique and the spacious interiors are luxurious. The car comes in standard and high-end variants with several optional features. Backed by its reasonable pricing, Hyundai KONA EV easily ranks as one of the top electric and hybrid cars of 2020.

Volkswagen ID.3
This all-electric 5-door hatchback engineered with German technology is expected to be a highlight of 2020. The car is expected to have exteriors similar to that of the Golf with interiors representing Passat. The electric wonder will feature three battery-pack sizes to offer a mileage ranging from 180 to 250 miles. The model is also expected to be in an all-wheel-drive variant.

Kia Niro Plug-In Hybrid
Apart from the hybrid variant, this car is also available in plug-in hybrid and pure electric versions. The crossover offers amazing mileage with a 52 MPG base hybrid. You can get around 26 miles extra with the electric-only option. The exterior comes with a stunning diamond-patterned grille while the interior has amazing drive-mode graphics. You can also avail of a digital gauge cluster and touchscreen infotainment system and even an optional steering-wheel shift paddles. This combination gives the driver complete control over a regenerative braking system.

The BMW iX3 ranks among the top electric and hybrid cars of 2020 for a good reason. After unveiling its concept in Beijing Motor Show in 2018, the German automaker came up with this car equipped with a 70-kWh battery pack to cover around 220 miles on a single charge. It is also powered by a single electric motor that produces around 270 horsepower. Resembling the conventional X3 SUV, this model has the iconic kidney grille with blue design accents.

Mercedes-Benz EQC
After waiting with bated breath, the 2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC is a sensational all-electric, all-wheel-drive in Mercedes EQC. Innovation goes steps ahead here with two 201-horsepower motors on each axle. The combination produces 402 horsepower for a revolutionary driving experience. Enjoy a 220-mile range with the 80 kWh battery pack. You can control regen levels conveniently via steering-wheel paddles.