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Important car safety features for families Important car safety features for families

Important car safety features for families

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When you have young children in the family, there are many safety features that you need to take into account before you buy a new car. Car safety technologies are designed to protect you in the event of a crash and to prevent a collision as much as possible. If you’re concerned about financing, be sure to look into auto loans from Wells Fargo, LightStream, Captial One, and CarsDirect. Whether you’re buying new or from Schneider finance used trucks, you have to look for these safety features in cars because they can actually save your life and that of your loved ones in the case of any untoward incidents.

What are some key child safety features or technologies that you should look for?
Besides the usual standard features, there are new ones being introduced from time to time; so, it is imperative that you look for these safety features in cars before you buy one.

  • LATCH provides anchor or tether points for booster and car seats so that these do not come loose on impact; they are far more secure than regular car seats that have been secured only with belts.
  • While the front seats will have shoulder belts, children should not ideally be seated on these; this is why you need to ensure that your car has rear shoulder belts for your kids’ safety. These must also have adjustable anchors that enables you to place the belts across their chest and not on their neck or face, which can be dangerous.
  • Airbags in the front must have an on/off switch in case your child has to ride next to you. There are smart airbags available nowadays that can sense when deployment is likely to cause more injuries.
  • Automatic door locks technology will help lock the doors even if you miss locking them; this ensures that your kids in the back seat can not open the doors while you are on the road. The child safety locks will ensure that the doors cannot be unlocked by kids from the inside.
  • Push or pull windows switches will help prevent windows from being rolled up when a kid has his body or head out of the window.
  • The driver-operated window disabler can be an excellent safety feature when you have kids traveling in the car since it lets the driver stop anyone else from rolling the windows up or down.
  • The transmission shift interlocks feature will ensure that a child who may have been left unsupervised inside the car cannot shift the gear to neutral. When a car is put in neutral, by accident or intentionally, and if it is on a slope, it can roll into some object or person and even cause damage to property. So, when a car has a brake transmission shift interlock system, the gear cannot be shifted out of the “park” position without pushing on the brakes first. Small children will never be tall enough to reach the brakes and this feature will protect them.

While you must look for these safety features in cars if you have young kids at home, you must also take precautions to ensure that your child is safe on the road. This means that you must not only buy vehicles equipped with safety features and technologies but also practice safe driving and follow the rules when it comes to making sure that the requisite restraints are always used when your child is in the car. Children below 13 years of age are to be seated at the back with appropriate boosters and car seats; besides the regular seat belts, shoulder belts need to be present that will offer additional protection to your child.

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