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6 cool safety gifts for auto enthusiasts 6 cool safety gifts for auto enthusiasts

6 cool safety gifts for auto enthusiasts

When you are looking for gifts for car lovers, there are cool high-tech safety gifts that should be part of your list. These are handy car accessories that can guarantee a safer ride. But car owners somehow have no knowledge of their existence or they have not yet gone around to buying these. You can ask your friend if he/she would like to own any of these cool high-tech safety gifts and then choose one of the following:

  • Car Dash Cam: This is by far one of the coolest-looking car accessories today. It is a tiny digital camera that can be mounted on the dashboard for shooting your journey when the car is on the move. This tool will not guarantee a safer ride per se, but it can ensure road safety and even help you identify who was responsible for a crash.
  • Smart Wheel: This is a smart device, a steering wheel cover that will stop you from getting distracted when you are behind the wheel. Most accidents tend to occur when the driver gets distracted for some reason, and this is especially true of young drivers. Using this safety accessory that snaps onto steering wheels, drivers are made to stay focused. It comes with a tracking function that will provide useful feedback to your phone via Bluetooth; you can monitor your driving habits through this grading system.
  • Back-Up Camera: This is a useful gadget that lets the driver see clearly what is behind his car; so you will not make the mistake of running over small children or pets who cannot be seen through the rearview mirror alone. These cameras deliver live footage to smartphones through Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • GOFAR is another cool high-tech gadget that can help reduce time in traffic, save on your fuel consumption, and reduce emissions. The device uses real-time feedback in order to provide you with data that can help you cut down the costs; it will also notify you about fuel consumption. So, through color markings, you get to know if you are wasting energy.
  • Exploride Head-Up Display is the perfect accessory to gift a car enthusiast who likes to go on long drives. Using this, the driver will be able to receive important calls while driving without having to discontinue ongoing conversations or unplugging the music. So, without using the smartphone you get to call a person in a hands-free environment. You will also not get lost as you will have access to all data concerning directions, speed, fuel, tire pressure, etc.
  • Zip Grip Go can be another cool high-end accessory for gifting a car lover because it saves you from calling tow services when your car gets stuck. It is a cost-effective and convenient traction aid that can be easily set up and fastened onto the car wheel, for help on muddy or snowy roads.