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Best laptops for students in college Best laptops for students in college

Best laptops for students in college

So you want to buy a laptop before heading out for college; do you know which model is the right one for you? The truth is that students can easily get baffled about the right laptop for them due to a wide variety of choices available for college-goers in the market. When you are a student looking for the right laptop, you should consider purchasing a laptop that will help you work on assignments seamlessly and keep you entertained at the same time.

Top laptops for students will provide you with a range of features so that you can use them for studying, writing assignments, watching movies, browsing the Internet, and even playing games. However, there are some important things that have to be taken into consideration when buying a laptop for your college life.

Factors to consider when choosing a laptop for students:

  • One of the first things to look at is, of course, your own budget. You will find laptops varying in price, specifications, features; so, you must decide on a ballpark figure before you start looking for laptops to buy.
  • You need to decide on the operating system you wish to work with. Depending on your needs, you will have to opt for a laptop with Mac OS, Linux, or Microsoft Windows.
  • You have to determine the RAM and processor you need because laptops typically use AMD and Intel processors. When you wish to use the machine for college assignments, and basic gaming, for instance, you will need an AMD A-series A6 or Intel Core i3. But if you wish to engage in heavy programming, you may have to spend a tad more on computers that will run on AMD A10 or Intel Core i5 and i7 processors.
  • Before buying a laptop for college, you need to decide on the storage capacity. It is possible you will need more storage as a student as there will be images, presentations, documents, music, and movies to store. Hard drives having about 500GB-2TB capacity is common in most student laptops and this will be enough for a student’s needs. But in case you wish to install a lot of movies and games you will require more storage amount.
  • You need to decide on a graphics card for the machine, whether integrated or discrete. The former is slow but the latter guarantees high-end performance. For basic browsing or gaming, an integrated card works fine. The discrete graphics cards will be in machines that have NVIDIA and AMD.
  • Choosing a laptop with good battery life is as important as choosing one with a quality processor and sufficient RAM.
  • It is necessary to attach a lot of importance to the performance rating before buying a laptop. When you play video games or use apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro, you are going to need heavy horsepower.
  • The laptop you choose to buy for college must be portable and not cumbersome to carry around. So, you need to consider the weight, size and dimensions, and display size.
  • You need to check the laptop to make sure there are enough ports for connectivity. For writers and gamers, a user-friendly keyboard should be an important point of consideration as they will use this a lot.