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5 things to consider when traveling with your pet 5 things to consider when traveling with your pet

5 things to consider when traveling with your pet

Traveling these days has scaled greater heights, with an increasing number of travelers taking their pets along. Just like for humans, traveling to new locations gives your pets a refreshing change from the mundane life. At the same time, pets may become overly excited or anxious if they are left unattended in an unfamiliar place, so this is very important to take care of. Here are some things to keep in mind while traveling with your pet:

  • You pet needs an identification
    One of the most important tips laid out in a guide for traveling with your pet is that you need to ensure proper identification in case of loss. A sturdy leash and a collar with identification tags are mandatory. Mention your name, your pet’s name, contact details, and important medical information. You can also include a permanent type of identification like a microchip. Additionally, carry the latest photograph of your pet and all the copies of health records.
  • Get pet insurance
    Emergencies can strike anytime, and you need to keep yourself informed of the nearest veterinary hospital in the destination you are visiting. However, to combat expensive vet bills, it’s advisable to purchase a pet travel insurance that covers the most important requirements.
  • Know the pet-friendly hotels
    Not all hotels allow pets, so ensure that you contact a hotel and ask them whether they allow pets before booking. This also includes asking where the pet is allowed to stay in the hotel and the responsibilities you need to take to ensure that there is no mess. Most hotels charge an additional fee to allow pets, and a deposit is charged in case of any damage.
  • Pack for your pet
    As a guide for traveling with your pet is multifold, packing the right items for your pet is crucial. Ensure that you keep wet wipes, portable water bottles, and several sets of clothing as well. You also need to pack some toys to keep your pet entertained in the hotel room.
  • After you land
    A guide for traveling with your pet is incomplete without the information on post-landing rituals. It is important to keep all your papers handy to avoid unnecessary delays. Maintain a bathroom time, and get your pet out of the crate and take it outside for relieving.

Things to take care of while lodging at a pet-friendly hotel

  • Look for hotels that allow pets and the size and weight restrictions they have.
  • Ensure that you respect others’ space, including the staff and the property, while staying there.
  • Train your pet to remain quiet and enjoy without getting excited.
  • Another helpful tip included in a guide for traveling with your pet is not to leave it unattended. Your pet may destroy property or someone’s belongings if left alone in a new place.
  • Know where to take your pet for a walk and ensure that you clean up any mess they create.
  • Ensure that the accommodation is pet-safe and pet-friendly and that all electrical equipment and cords are out of reach for pets. Also, ensure that the previous guests’ have not left anything behind that could harm your pet.