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Things to consider before buying foundation Things to consider before buying foundation

Things to consider before buying foundation

Foundation is basically the cornerstone of any full-face makeup look. It is a liquid or powder that is applied to the face before makeup to create an even and uniform color and to hide flaws. Sometimes, it’s also applied to change the skin tone. This cosmetic item can also serve as moisturizers and sunscreens and is the perfect base to build looks on.

Before going further, it’s essential you educate yourself about various facets of foundation, your skin conditions, and test out potential options with a makeup professional. The wrong foundation can damage your skin and give undesirable effects as it will make your skin look patchy. Check out these important factors before buying a foundation for your skin.

The color classification
Foundations are available in warm, neutral, olive and cool to match the skin tone. But, sometimes, the skin color is not even throughout the face and neck. In this case, you may need a shade of foundation that matches your skin tone, and another one shade darker or lighter to work perfectly. Blend the two together for flawless coverage of your face and neck as it will now be balanced.

Before selecting a shade you think is right, swatch it on the inside of your wrist to see how good it looks and if it works for your complexion. This will also let you see how well the foundation blends on your skin, allowing you to make the right decision while buying one.

Shade range
Finding a suitable shade that matches your undertone can be a difficult task. One reason is you cannot tell the undertone of your skin. Another reason could be the limited variety of shades available in a particular brand. It’s recommended to switch to a brand that has a wider shade range. During the process, be mindful of similar shade names for different colors if you’re buying it online. Along with a wide shade selection, you can also use color corrector products to reduce skin discoloration.

Coverage is a crucial factor to consider before buying a foundation for your skin. Coverage is the opacity of the makeup and how much it can conceal the skin. Coverage range includes:

  • Sheer
    It’s the most transparent coverage with a minimum percentage of pigment. Rather than hiding discoloration, sheer reduces the contrast of discoloration with the original skin tone.
  • Light
    It covers unevenness and irregular patches on the skin. However, it cannot cover freckles.
  • Medium
    A tinted powder covers freckles, discoloration, uneven patches, and red marks.
  • Full coverage
    This is very opaque and is a corrective makeup used to cover birthmarks, hyperpigmentation, and scars. It has the highest amount of pigment and is particularly formulated for use on stage.

These are the basic points to keep in mind before buying a foundation for your skin. When you take these measures carefully, it sets the tone for advanced makeup procedures, giving you the option to experiment with new methods.