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Expert tips for buying lipsticks Expert tips for buying lipsticks

Expert tips for buying lipsticks

Lipsticks are a favorite makeup item of anybody who relishes in the cosmetic item’s power to take something from no to wow instantly. Any makeup lover probably has dozens of lipsticks in their kitty and since all colors have a plethora of tones and shades, can you really blame them? It is the easiest thing in the world to walk into a store and buy another lipstick, lured by the promise of bright pouts and beautiful pictures. However, buying lipsticks is not a pick-and-go job. You need to keep important facts in mind before finally buying a particular shade from a specific brand.

Here are some tried-and-tested tips experts keep closely guarded that will come in handy for buying lipsticks.

  • Beware of replicas
    One of the leading tips for buying lipsticks is to stick to an original brand from an authorized vendor. It’s a tough job to distinguish a fake product from an original one. Hence, it’s better to avoid buying lipsticks from local vendors and unknown shopping websites. If lipstick is very low-priced, its something to watch out for. Fake luxury brands keep low prices to lure customers but, never match up to the original product. Brand-knockoff lipsticks can harm your skin and cause irritation and allergies.
  • Check the brand
    Lipsticks are available in international and local brands. It is a misconception that only high-end, international brands are great. However, you need to keep the price in mind and the overall quality of a particular brand before buying. A particular brand may have the perfect type of lipstick and the right ingredients that suit you. Likewise, other brands may not suit you as you desire. Hence, it’s important to try a few brands as samples before purchasing.
  • Check for exchange policies
    Branded stores and authorized vendors usually have exchange facilities available. Check about the same before you buy lipsticks. A defect in the product is the most common reason for returning lipsticks. Some brands and stores offer an exchange of product within the specified date. It’s better to buy them from such stores to ensure you get the best product.
  • Don’t buy the same shade
    This is another important point among other tips for buying lipsticks. Try similar shades from different brands to make out the difference. Often, you may end up buying an identical shade or even the same one that doesn’t add any variety. Avoid sticking to the same shade again and again. Try new shades and see how they look on you.
  • Keep your budget in mind
    Don’t splurge on a particular lipstick just because it’s from a famous brand. You may end up regretting your decision later. It’s preferable to buy lipsticks from brands that are reasonably priced. Only if you don’t get the desired shade and finish is it advisable to go for an expensive brand.
  • Know your needs
    Apart from other tips for buying lipsticks, considering your needs is vital before you decide to buy one. You may be a matte or a shimmer lipstick person and it’s advisable to go for brands and shades that have a wide range in that finish. However, depending on the occasion, you may need to wear lipsticks with frost finish or metallic touches. Wearing the right type of lipstick for a specific occasion is important to look well put-together.