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7 tips for eyeshadow application 7 tips for eyeshadow application

7 tips for eyeshadow application

Eye shadow is a great cosmetic that helps highlight the eyes and eyelids, giving your face a fresh look instantly. There are several styles of applying eyeshadow, but not everyone knows the right way to put it. This article lists out the best tricks and tips to use while applying eye shadow, regardless of what your eye shape is:

  • Use a primer
    A great eyeshadow application hack for every eye shape to use primer for perfect application. For all types of eyes and all skin types, whether oily or dry, primer application can be very helpful. Applying a primer first is strongly recommended, and concealer can also be used below the eye shadow. This prepares the eyelids for the application of eye shadow.
  • Round eyes
    Round eyes are considered a common type and are curved and equal on both the upper as well as lower eyelids. To use eye shadow on this eye shape, the key is to increase the width of the eye through the application. Using intense shades on the top eyelash is recommended for doing this.
  • Use a good brush
    While applying eye shadow, quality brushes are needed as the best quality-cosmetics are of no use if a good brush is not used. A top-quality makeup brush is needed to ensure the best blending.
    Synthetic eye brushes are easy on the pocket and do not cause an allergy, so they can be preferred over other types.
  • Use white shadow
    While using colored eye shadow, you would want to highlight the color, and a white eye shadow pencil helps with this. It can be blended over the eyelid and then the shadow can be applied.
    The white shadow can also be used for the lower line, which helps make the eye look bigger in appearance. Another benefit is that it makes the eye look alert, which is a great hack after a late night.
  • Consider the eye color
    Before choosing the color of the eye shadow, it is important to consider the eye color. The shade selected must complement the eye color, and special consideration needs to be given if your eyes are green or blue.
  • Perfect your technique
    The technique of blending matters, so you can mix eyeshadow using a good quality eye brush to ensure that it blends well. Another eyeshadow application hack for every eye shape is to gently press on the eyelid and then use back and forth movements with the brush. While blending, avoid using downward movements as the result can make your eye look drooping.
  • Consider the lower lash line
    One of the most important eyeshadow application hacks for every eye shape is to use eye shadow on the lower lash for a great effect. To do this, it is recommended to use a small brush for application and then blend it in using a large brush.